Welcome Greetings from the EAPC President
Committed to People It is with tremendous pleasure that I am inviting you to participate in the 11th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) in Vienna !
Growing steadily from its founding days in 1988 to today the EAPC has become a renowned association and a voice for palliative care and hospice professionals throughout Europe , with a growing reputation as a competent expert. In 2008, the EAPC counted individual members in 40 countries, with collective members from 41 National associations in 25 European countries, representing a movement of some 50.000 health care workers and volunteers working or interested in palliative care. Much of this development is due to the success of its congresses and research meetings.

The 11th Congress of EAPC in Vienna will take up the lead from the last congress in Budapest in June 2007. The congress venue in the middle of Europe allows for easy access for participants from Central and Eastern European countries, showing the continuous commitment of EAPC towards the development of palliative care in these countries.

The congress will also highlight the Budapest Commitments.. This initiative is a joint project of EAPC, the International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care and the Word-wide Palliative Care Alliance. At the Budapest congress the national associations have been asked to define clear goals within a common framework, and commit themselves to reach these goals in the next two years. First results from this initiative will be presented in Vienna , and the significance of this project is also represented in the congress title: Committed to People

The Chairs of the Scientific Committee Friedemann Nauck and Phil Larkin as well as the Chair of the Organizing Committee Hans-Georg Kress have already put in much energy and enthusiasm to produce an interesting and challenging programme. They will make this a successful conference.

However, the success of the congress will depend not only on the scientific programme or the venue, but to a large degree also on the participants, who will make this a living and lived-in congress. Come and join us in Vienna , participate in the discussions and contribute with your experience!

Your contribution will help to make the congress in Vienna live up to the new mission statement of EAPC, which has been constituted in April 2008:

The EAPC brings together many voices to forge a vision of excellence in palliative care that meets the needs of patients and their families.

It strives to develop and promote palliative care in Europe through information, education and research using multi-professional collaboration, while engaging with stakeholders at all levels.

I am looking forward to meet you in Vienna !

Lukas Radbruch
President of EAPC
Aachen , 25th August 2008

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SRETAN BOŽIĆ I USPJEŠNA NOVA 2009. /24.12.2008./
Prijedlogu reforme zdravstvenog sustava
Priopćenje za javnost Koalicije udruga u zdravstvu nakon održanih javnih rasprava o Prijedlogu reforme zdravstvenog sustava. Utorak 16. prosinca 2008. u 11:00 sati u Novinarskom domu, Perkovčeva 2, Zagreb, održat će se tiskovna konferencija
Welcome Greetings from the EAPC President
Committed to People It is with tremendous pleasure that I am inviting you to participate in the 11th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) in Vienna !
Hrvatska udruga prijatelja hospicija, Udruga socijalnih radnika Grada Zagreba i Zagrebačke županije i Gradski ured za zdravstvo, rad, socijalnu zaštitu i branitelje pozivaju Vas na
SIMPOZIJ "PALIJATIVNA SKRB KAO DIO SKRBI U DOMOVIMA ZA STARIJE I NEMOĆNE OSOBE" pod pokroviteljstvom Gradskog poglavarstva Grada Zagreba
„Hrvatska udruga prijatelja hospicija“ organizira u četvrtak, 23. listopada 2008. OKRUGLI STOL NA TEMU POTREBE ZA PALIJATIVNOM SKRBI NA PODRUČJU REPUBLIKE HRVATSKE
Okrugli stol će se održati u prostorijama Tribine Grada Zagreba, Kaptol 27 Grada Zagreba od 11:00 do 13:00 sati
Hrvatska udruga prijatelja hospicija organizira
X. tečaj palijativne skrbi za nezdravstvene volontere u hospicijskim kućnim posjetama 15. listopad - 17. prosinac 2008.
DRUGI KONGRES PALIJATIVNE SKRBI HRVATSKE s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem povodom Svjetskog dana hospicija i palijativne skrbi 11. listopada 2008.
Hospicij i palijativna skrb - osnovno ljudsko pravo
Malonogometni turnir "Tihomir Jurički"
Pomozimo malom Leonu
Malonogometni turnir "Tihomir Jurički"
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